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Drag Don Cummins' Inliners & Friends Memorial Race - 7/8

07/08/2023 8:00 am
  • July 8– Don Cummin’s Inliners & Friends Memorial Race

    July 9– Gasser Mania Gil Vaughn Memorial Race

    ALL CARS welcome both days. Both races will be bracket on a .400 Pro Light.

    Gate Fees:**CASH ONLY**

    $40 per day drivers, $10 per day spectators, children 6 and under free, camping free

    Gate Hours:We will open the gates at 8 am this weekend. Any time you come in after hours and no one is at the booth, please go up to the booth the next morning and sign up. Thank you.

    Important:If you come in Friday night or Sat. morning and plan on camping, be prepared to pay for both days. You will receive a refund if you don't stay for Sunday. Be sure to have your wristband to turn in on your way out for the refund.

    Also, if you leave and come back make sure you show the gate person your wristbands to get back in. These need to be on your wrists, not loose.


    Don’t have a car? Want to experience a ride down the strip? Immediately following Saturday’s race, we will be auctioning off rides in a few of the dragsters!!

    We will be having our track wide potluck in the staging lanes at 6:00 p.m. Bring a chair and your favorite side dish to share! Hot dogs will be provided for everyone.

    *      There will also be cake for Spark Plug’s 10th Birthday!

    We will be hosting the Riverdale Racers Memorial Cacklefest 2022 - Bring your car/motorcycle/mini bike/toys out to the strip Saturday night at 6:00 p.m. We will line all the cars up on the drag strip. 

    July 8Don Cummin’s Inliners & Friends Memorial Race

    3 classes:

    1. Inline
    2. Vintage (1964 and older)
    3. Modern (1965 and newer)

    The famous and highly coveted ‘Bucket of Blood’ Trophy will be featured.

    50/50 Raffle

    If you have any questions, please email:
          Scott Cummins: jscummins@comcast.net
          Colline Cummins: colline.cummins@gmail.com

    July 9 – Gasser Mania Gil Vaughn Memorial Race

    3 classes:

    1. Inline
    2. Vintage (1964 and older)
    3. Modern (1965 and newer)

    Gasser Mania is an event for all Gasser's, Altered's, Comp Coupes, front engine dragsters, and modern cars. We will run ET bracket type racing with each car type in its own class on a 400 Pro Light.

    After all classes have the winner and second place car, we may have a run-off for "top eliminator" by running the 2nd place car from each class against each other on a dial-in ET type race and the 1st place cars will do the same.  We will then run the three winners against each other with the bye run going to the quickest reaction of the previous round.  This will give us our "top eliminator" for the weekend and a special trophy for this portion of the event.