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Import Drag Race and Car Show - 8/1

08/01/2015 9:00 am

Import Drag Racing

       9:00 - Gates Open
     10:00 - Racing begins (approximate)
       5:00 - Race ends (approximate)
Gate Fees:
  Driver is $30 (tax included) if racing
  General Gate Fee: $10  Kids 6 and under free.
  Car Show Fee: Additional $5 paid at the show.

We will run double elimination on all the classes.

All Motor Sport (Bolt ons to stock motor only, No internal work or motor swaps - i.e. cams, pistons, etc)
All Motor Pro (Anything goes)
Power Adder Sport (Bolt on turbo, SC, or NOS to stock motor, No internal motor work, no motor swaps, no more then 300 hp)
Power Adder Pro (Over 300 hp, anything goes)

Sport Classes are mandatory to run street tires, Pro Classes can run slicks

Anything is welcome to run

TO RUN -->minor tech inspection (as long that it doesn't leak a lot of fluids, it will pass). Have to have some kind of helmet (motorcycle, dirt bike, etc..), working seat belt, and can roll the windows up. Passengers can ride as long as they have a helmet, working seat belt and windows up.

Trophies will be handed out again this year.

All Motor Sport - winner and runner up
All Motor Pro - winner and runner up
Power Adder Sport - winner and runner up
Power Adder Pro - winner and runner up
Car Show- 1st, 2nd, 3rd, peoples choice
Fastest Time
Worst Breakage