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Drag Schedule

Our 2022 drag schedule (updated 1/5/22) is attached for you to print out. 

Please take note of  Aug. 19-21 which will be an Estranged Car Show, Drag Racing, and Swap Meet. Estranged is going to restrict the cars that may come. Anyone may come as a spectator. There will be more information at a later date how to register your car. Thank you.

Check under the drag racing tab to see the different explanations of the different race types.


$40 per day for driver entry
$10 per day for spectator/6 and under free

You may camp if you want, but you need to go past the big white fence that divides drag racing from MX. The MX gate will be open in the evenings if you want to come the night before. On the mornings of events the gate doesn’t open until 9 am. Please do not go around through the MX gate. Stay to the left at the gate until it opens. Try not to block the MX riders coming in.

REMEMBER: Time only runs (test & tune) are allowed on any date with the exception of the Estranged Weekend where only approved cars are allowed.

Drag racing is dependent on good weather. Check Riverdale Raceway Facebook or Riverdale Raceway Drags Facebook for possible cancellations. Feel free to call Dan Dale @ 360-749-1170 if you have questions.


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