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Riverdale would like to go over a few safety points that we know MOST of you follow. As you know, motocross is a dangerous sport. We also know that you LOVE the sport. However, you are part of our family, and we never want to see any of you hurt or worse. Dan does the best he can by grooming his tracks for safety and listening to you when you have safety concerns.

  1. WEAR PROTECTIVE GEAR: When you are doing something dangerous, you should have the best protection that is available. We see too many riders who do not wear the protection gear. We feel at a minimum you should wear a helmet, boots, and a chest protector. We only require a helmet, but we encourage you to suit up.
  2. LET PROFESSIONALS HANDLE THE INJURED: It is crucial that an injured rider is not moved or handled incorrectly. If a rider has a broken leg or foot, DO NOT remove the boots. In case of a head injury, DO NOT remove the helmet. Doing these things can cause more damage. We can always shut down one of the tracks. It is more IMPORTANT that a rider is NOT MOVED before getting the proper care.
  3. BE AWARE OF OTHER RIDERS: A rider should know who is around them and what they might do. Observe other riders and anticipate possible scenarios. NEVER cross the track especially without looking. Use the designated entrances and exits.
  4. KNOW YOUR ABILITY LEVEL: As the saying goes, “Don’t bite off more than you can chew.” Do not push yourself too hard too soon. You need to be comfortable in your abilities.
  5. TRAFFIC: Small riders are hard to see and many times are not paying attention. When going to and from tracks, please remind your children to watch for the water truck and other traffic (especially crossing the road to the arena track.)

We love our motocross community. BE CAREFUL AND THINK SAFETY FIRST!