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MX Tracks

MX - Aug. 24 & 25 - Open practice on west end ONLY (arena, main, old vintage, 50’s).
Please read all of the following information.

This weekend is our huge drag event, and we will need all the space past and by the drag booth for this event. Please note that the following rules are for everyone’s safety and to keep the two ends separate. We appreciate your cooperation.

There are NO EXCEPTIONS to the following rules.

1.      NO MX parking/camping past, by, or across from the drag booth.

a.       You may still camp in one of the MX parking lots.

b.      GATES WILL BE LOCKED THIS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY AT 10 PM. (There will be an emergency key with the photographer camped by the drag tower.)

2.      NO BIKES past the drag booth all weekend.

a.       Enter and exit all upper tracks on the west end only. This means no one gets on and off the old vintage track except at its entrance.

b.      50’s track – There is a gate on the side. Please use that instead of going past the drag booth.

MX wristbands will not get you into the drag racing event. It is $10 per person if you want to spectate, and you must walk down.


CAMPING: When you camp, you need to leave your bikes parked. It is not allowed to ride on our property or tracks without signing up.

FYI:  Drew’s Grocery (Shell station) in Toutle is now carrying race fuel - 110 and 116 octane.

REMEMBER - If you want to ride during the week (if not a scheduled practice), you need to CALL Dan at 360-749-1170 instead of messaging or emailing. We are not always so good at checking these. Thank you.