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MX Tracks

May 19 - MX Open Practice on ALL Tracks.
Some rain will be good for the tracks. We were watering today.

Riverdale Raceway continues to have MX open practice EVERY weekend of the year. The NORCS race is the only race when we can’t have practice (twice a year). All other races and drag racing affect only one track leaving the other tracks open for practice. We always let you know when that is happening.

There is a RUMOR going around that Riverdale is closing. NOT TRUE! Please help us nip this rumor in the bud if you hear about it. Thank you. Dan and Audrey

REMEMBER: ARENA TRACK REVERSED! (goes the other direction.) Also come and check out the changes made to the main track and the old vintage track.


CAMPING: When you camp, you need to leave your bikes parked. It is not allowed to ride on our property or tracks without signing up.

FYI:  Drew’s Grocery (Shell station) in Toutle is now carrying race fuel - 110 and 116 octane.

REMEMBER - If you want to ride during the week (if not a scheduled practice), you need to CALL Dan at 360-749-1170 instead of messaging or emailing. We are not always so good at checking these. Thank you.