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MX Tracks

Aug. 15 & 16 - No drag racing. MX, that means all tracks will be open. However, you still cannot camp/park on or beside the drag strip. You may camp in the grass areas, though. The big track at the drag end will probably not get much water. In this hot weather, Tim can barely keep up with watering the top three tracks.

We will be addressing the issue of camping in the next couple of weeks before Labor Day weekend. This last weekend took us by surprise with the number of campers. Unfortunately, social distancing was not always in place or masks worn. We may have to quit allowing camping if social distancing is not followed. Also, it is very difficult when campers do not commit to whether they are riding (especially on Sunday.) From now on campers will be asked to pay for the whole weekend up front. If you leave by 10 am Sunday morning, you will receive a refund for Sunday. Thank you.

Also, remember that we are now $35 per rider per day. 


One track will shut down at 4 pm for grooming. ALL TRACKS ARE SHUT DOWN BY 5 PM. ALL BIKES SHOULD BE PARKED! Most of you have been doing a good job with this, but we are still having problems with some people.


We have been leaving the toilets unlocked and were doing okay. But last week we had some of the sanitizer bags stolen again. Replacement costs are $25 per bag. During the week days, we will have just a few toilets unlocked. On the weekends we will unlock them all during the day but may have to lock some in the evenings depending on how many campers we have.


We are open for MX practice 7 days a week. You do not have to sign up on Facebook, just show up. HOWEVER, on the week days there will be no flaggers and limited grooming and watering. Dan may be grooming a track, and you will not be able to ride that track until he is finished.

Practice hours are 9 am to 4 pm. The booth will open at 8:30 am.

COVID-19 Rules and Guidelines

  • Please stay home if you have cold or flu-like symptoms.
  • Limit your recreation/travel partners to only those who live within your household unit. No additional spectators are allowed.
  • Do not socialize with other riders. Stay at your own camp and maintain the proper social distancing. You must wear a mask if you cannot do this.
  • Make sure you use the hand sanitizers in the Sani-Cans.
  • Sign-up will continue to be at the booth unless only a few are signed up for the day.  If that is the case, Tim will be in the office or out-and-about.
  • Bringing a practice form with you is recommended. Our forms can be found on our website under our MX tab. Minors – As long as your parent’s signature in on the practice form, you do not need the special waiver form. Parents - The special waiver form is mostly for if you are allowing someone other than yourselves to sign for your child. It also works if you want to give permission for up to a year. YOU STILL MUST FILL OUT A PRACTICE FORM.
  • Please leave the facility immediately after you are done to eliminate congestion/gathering on the property or parking lot.

FYI: No racing will be scheduled until the restrictions get lifted.

Thank you for your support and working with us in these uncertain times.