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MX Tracks

Sunday, July 15 - There will be a slight change of plans. We will still be starting at 8am, but In this heat we cannot keep up with watering four tracks. Therefore, we will not be watering the big vintage track across from the drag strip on Sunday. It is not closed, but it will be dusty. Tim does such a fantastic job running the water trucks. He waters all day starting in the wee hours of the morning and goes very late at night. We would be lost without him. He will be able to water the other three tracks more often this way. Thanks for your understanding.

PLEASE stop at the office to sign up BEFORE parking.

REMEMBER - If you want to ride during the week (if not a scheduled practice), you need to CALL Dan at 360-749-1170 instead of messaging or emailing. We are not always so good at checking these. Thank you.