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MX Tracks


The new mandate does not affect MX practice. We still have the same rules. Riverdale Raceway is open 7 days a week year around for MX practice. All tracks are open.

The fee is $35 per rider per day – cash only. Let the gate person know if you have a rider that will only ride the 50's track. Camping is free if you pay to ride. Hours are 9 am – 4 pm. The booth will be open at 8:30 am.

On our website you will find our general rules plus rules for camping/parking, safety, and COVID-19. It is your responsibility to read and follow all of our rules. Some highlights are:

  1. Wear masks when you cannot social distance. Please!
  2. Shut down time for ALL tracks, trails, and general property is 5 PM – NO EXCEPTIONS!
  3. Bikes are not allowed on the motocross tracks unless you sign a release form and pay. You cannot come late in the day to camp and just go on the tracks.
  4. NO BIKES or camping on the drag strip.
  5. SLOW DOWN! Remind your little guys to slow down and watch for traffic.
  6. Please respect the property of Riverdale Raceway.

On the week days there will be no flaggers and limited grooming and watering. Dan may be grooming a track, and you will not be able to ride that track until he is finished.

FYI: Drew's (Shell station in Toutle) has racing fuel.

Thank you for your support.