What do you ride?:



PARKING: It is an ABSOLUTE MUST that you STOP at the office and sign in BEFORE parking! We cannot have ANYONE driving past the office anymore. Otherwise, we will have to start signing up at the ticket booth which could create long lines. If you get there early, please wait at the office until it opens.  If you camped overnight, come to the office to sign up and make sure the office person knows who you are since he/she will have a list of the camping vehicles.

PRACTICE FORMS:  Too many riders are not filling out the practice forms completely. We had a card system, but it is not working. From now on, the practice form must be filled out COMPLETELY EVERY TIME. If you want to save time, print a form out at home (on our website) and have it ready when you come into the office. This is also a good way for parents to sign for minors if parents cannot be there personally. SIBLINGS OR FRIENDS MAY NOT SIGN FOR A MINOR – PARENTS ONLY!  A great idea is to fill out the top information on a practice form, make copies, and just sign and date each time you come.

We appreciate your support and cooperation in following these rules.

Thank you. Dan and Audrey