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Riverdale MX Winter Series #3 - 12/8

12/08/2019 8:00 am

Lots of information – please read.

SATURDAY, DEC. 7– MX Open Practice on ALL Tracks.
Also, SPLIT PRACTICE on the MAIN TRACK ONLY. We will alternate big bikes and little bikes and 50’s by themselves if possible.The other tracks will remain open practice for all bikes.

SATURDAY SHUT DOWN TIME:The main track will be closed for maintenance at 3:30. Other tracks will close at 5 pm. Please have all bikes PARKED at your camp by that time.

The race will be run on the MAIN track. 
MX Open Practice on the other tracks.

FEES (Cash Only):

  • Practice Only – regular practice fee of $30 per rider per day.
  • Race Fees: $40 for the 1st class, $20 for each additional class. Race fee also includes practice on the other tracks.
  • Spectator and Camping Fees: FREE! (Spectators still need to sign a waiver form.)

If riding both days and camping, please sign up and pay for both days on Saturday. If you decide not to race on Sunday, bring your wristband AND race forms to the ticket booth for a refund.


  • Friday night - Gates will be left open. Sign up Sat. morning.
  • Sat.: 9:00am - 8pm Please sign up for racing in the office on Saturday if you are there. It is hard to have people walking up to the booth on Sunday when we have vehicles at both windows.
  • Sun.: 7:00am - 4pm It will help the gate people if you get here early!
  • Regular practice starts at 9am both days.


  • Saturday - All practice and race sign-ups will be in the office. Please stop before parking. Spectators for the race will also need to come in and sign a waiver form.
  • Sunday – We will be in the blue booth. Both sides will be open.
  • Practice only: Fill out the regular form.
  • Racers: Fill out a short waiver form for Riverdale AND a racing form for each class.

FOOD VENDOR: Potchit's BBQ will be there on Sunday.


  • 8:30 am – race practice
  • Riders’ meeting after practice
  • Mini Gladiators halftime show free for all pit bikes.

For more race/event information, contact Justin Wharton:
Justin@jjwdesigns.com or 360-263-6288


  • SLOW DOWN: Ride slowly when not on a track.

Must attend 5 of 7 to receive High Points

Bike Classes:

50 PeeWee                 250 D                          30+ Nov
50 D                            250 C                          30+ Am
50 C                            250 B                          30+ Exp
50 B                            450 D                          40+ Nov
50 Open                      450 C                          40+ Am
65 D                            450 B                          40+ Exp
65 C                            Open Pro                    50+ Am
65 B                            BTH Am                      50+ Exp
65 Open                      BTH Exp                     Women Nov
85 D                            25+ Nov                      Women Am
85 C                            25+ Am                       Women Exp
85 B                            25+ Exp                      Warrior

2-stroke Amateur (C/D level riders)
2-stroke Expert (A/B level riders)
Open to all 2-strokes from Superminis (big wheel) up to 500+ cc bikes.