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Post from Justin about the Winter MX Series final round -

Hey folks so official announcement on the 2019-2020 Riverdale MX Series. We have decided to call it a wrap, and not finish out our final round.

A few factors went into this decision. A major one is that because of the covid restrictions, we are just now barely able to legally run events .......and it's already July. Which means we are into the summer season of racing. There are a lot of summer ONLY tracks and series that really could use dates and I would feel bad to take a date away from one of them and possibly hurt their turnout.

It is very strange times right now and providing events is not an easy task. I 110% wish all of our summer tracks and series the best and hope to make it out there to some of our local venues and support them. We'll be picking a date for our high points awards ceremony here shortly and posting it on social media. Thank you to all of our friends and moto family who have raced with us this year. We are striving to provide yet another series this winter and hope you all can stay safe and keep riding/racing until then.